Saturday, November 28, 2015

Shades of the Great Cornwall-Messina Earthquake of 1944

Must have been a shallow thrust to give an Intensity 4 for such a small earthquake.  Note that it was only felt south of the border.  :).  The 1944 quake is my absolutely favourite and I've studied everything I could find on that.  I also had lots of in-laws who experienced it.  It started my whole 'rock and soil' investigation.  I suspect we could have another one, since everything along the river is probably active.  This is where the Ottawa Graben intersects the megathrusts.  A fun party!

*Note to Liberals -- Seismic has fallen onto hard times in Canada.  You can put some money into that, or gouge industry for it.

PS - This is what I want for Christmas, but at $30 not $300.  You could connect it to an old android phone.

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