Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Global temperatures go high

This is the global background microwave level.  It reflects ground temperature, but also represents total heat being radiated out to space, since that is what the sensors are reading.  The two aren't quite the same thing if you include the great insulation of wet clouds.

We are zooming up because of El Nino.  That thing dumps a whole lot of heat outside of the cloud barrier.  That's why temperatures may appear to be rising, but the heat energy is leaving.  We know now that our history of ice ages and such is merely heat flip-flopping from north to south.  El Nino seems to dump heat evenly in both hemispheres, but when the Atlantic current flips, all the heat goes south.

The El Nino backwash is being a bit coy.  It really should have smashed into Central America by now, and drenched old Cali, but it keeps getting beaten back.  I hope it finally decides to go for it.

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