Saturday, October 31, 2015

Where Big Companies go to Die


HP is splitting again.  Pretty soon, there won't be much left.  In the last 30 years they've only been good a printers, and how long it that going to live?  It's like Kodak and film.  40 years ago they were the super-hot company for engineers.  I remember their ridiculous reverse Polish notation calculators, and they forced everybody to learn that.  After that, they missed every major trend, except for Adobe printers.

Their motto was "No Standards", so everything they made was incompatible with anything else.  They were loved at the old company who put in all big HP servers, and all HP PC's.  I fought with them a lot, so I'm glad to see them go to the elephant graveyard.

ps.  Some like to blame the Crazy Lady who is now running for president.  I think they were just overtaken by the world, especially commodity parts.  They were the old custom gun makers of England against Samuel Colt and precision interchangeable parts.

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