Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Nexus 5x review

I got it yesterday.  Stupid thing needs a nano sim card, so I have to go and buy one.  It's exactly the same as the old Nexus except for the super-neat fingerprint reader.  Android Pay isn't in Canada, so this isn't that important.  It has rapid charging where I can't tell any difference.  I'm hoping to use it for navigation, which means super-expensive monopoly Canadian data, and I'm hoping the fast charger can keep up the charge.  The old N5 drained like a stuck pig when navigating in remote areas, and the charger couldn't keep up.

I will use the improved camera on my next trip.  I'll try it on the walk this morning.  Since I'm colourblind in red-green I won't notice anything, and web resolution is sufficient.  I'm sure these cameras (just like the phones) are hitting a saturation point (just like PC's) where Internet restrictions make more improvements unnecessary.  Chromebook phones are just around the corner.  The Fruit had better come up with something completely different.

Oh, and I needed to buy a usb-c converter cable, and a fast-charge car thing.  Very cheap on Ammie.

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