Sunday, October 18, 2015

Water-Induced Earthquakes Rule the Week

Once again, in a boring week, water-drain earthquakes rule the world.  I have developed my hypothesis by combining rock mechanics with seismology.  Nobody else does this, since the world is too specialized, and everybody in science depends on hand-to-mouth political funding.  That's sad.

For myself, I have elevated it to a theory which has been proven time and time again.  I can be arrogant about this, since I am the only one, and totally isolated from the closed world of the Pay Wall.  :)  Others do not have this freedom, always worried about the fat old white farts who have tenure.

Earthquake mechanics is a philosophical science, since we can't actually can't go down there and look.  I use lab physics, and mining observations to construct my theory, but other people can come up with bizarre ideas.  Like all such science (climate), the discussions can become vicious, and always have been.

So I stay outside, safe in my bubble of no readers.  :)  It's fun.

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