Sunday, October 25, 2015

An Afternoon of Donuts and Wine

My son got a hootload of Air Miles points from Uber the other day, and got these $50 event tickets - an afternoon of donuts and wine tasting at The Rolling Pin.

We took Uber there, and I have a bone to pick.  My son mucked up Uber Select and Uber Black which we thought was a little step up, but Uber Black uses airport limos with a slight smoky smell, and cost me $40 to get there.  On the way back, he used his credit on Uberx, with a nicer car, and $22.  Lesson learned.

The event was magnificent, very friendly, like family.  We sat with a couple planning an Italian wedding so she was staring at all the wedding cake models they have, and their baker designer does wedding cakes.  The other half of the two owners was Vanessa, and she liked me as 'The Crazy One'.  I think she was crazy, too.

So there was a big plan.  Each donut was paired with a wine from Vineland Estates.  This first one had a sparkling white that went very well with the donut.  After that, I was in a sugar haze.

Their major invention, for which they won a prize, was to use a plastic laboratory pipette for instant injection of an alcoholic syrup.  Apparently it will be all the rage in Toronto soon.

When we left we got a goody bag.  (no advertised carry-donut).  When I got home I sipped an extremely dry red wine to sop up sugar.

This event will never be repeated, but Pass The Table makes up new ones all the time.

As for the rest of you, save all your sugar points * for the week and go to the Rolling Pin for a funky donut.  Vanessa is absolutely crazy, and you'll have a good time.

* learn to drink your coffee black, eat broccoli, and dry red wine.

ps.  I'm married, so I can't propose to Vanessa.  She must get a million a day.  :)

pps.  Right now I'm DYING of sugar overload!

ppps:  Recovered in the morning, lots of black coffee.

Addition:  Vanessa is very sorry for the missing donut.  I don't know if I'll every be able to make for amends, so I've done this.

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