Monday, October 19, 2015

Dirty Old Amazon


Just got something from them today.  But that doesn't mean I think they are acting like a typical nasty company.

The pushback from the company more than two months after the Times published its story illustrates the level to which Amazon is trying to correct the narrative that depicted Amazon as a brutal place to work.

 Nearly 2 months late, and written by a super PR guy, and all he did was trash the people who spoke.  This was the modus operandi of the old company, and I was sick of it.  I condemn Amazon in light of my experience.  They could have run one of the those independent surveys, which the old company did until they found themselves on the bottom of the world.  Now Amazon is there.  :)

Amazon has to fight this 'perception', even though it may be true, because a brain will cost them three times as much.  I know someone going there who was hired before all this, is he having second thoughts?  Wait, is that a high-speed charger with auto control?  :)

 Add:  This sounds like something Pootine would say about conditions for journalists.  "Moreover, the people you talked to have now been eliminated, so their opinions don't matter."  Only people on the true outs with a vindictive, vicious organization would talk, the others would be worried about references, and Amie is too young to have crazy retirees!  I don't have to worry about Polonium Tea.

Add2:  Maybe it will take him 2 months to respond to me!  I can only hope.

Add3:  The horrendous cost of living is the only abuse at Google.  :)

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