Sunday, October 18, 2015

Climate Change -- Lives of billions hang on a thread

This is the real climate change, not the soda pop fizzers.  Due to geology and plate tectonics our northern lives hang on a thread.  This news might stop immigrants.  :)

You have to click on the large version.  This is the week's ocean current map (find it yourself!).  It's a great video that leaves my Linux chuffing with heat.  In it you can see a strong lunge of El Nino, which, if it keeps up, means mudslides for Callie.  Of even more interest, is a 10% leakage off the tip of South America.

Now here's the knife edge, or thread of life.  There's no reason for El Nino to keep a regular 7 year cycle.  It regularly turns off for 100 years or more.  If that happens then all of Callie must desalinate with nuclear plants.  If the Atlantic equatorial current shift south, then we Canadians are aiming blowtorches at advancing walls of ice.  At least the Europeans will stop whining about their shrinking glaciers.  How about one big glacier, huh?  Bunch of crazies.  **

I always like writing about this, but my opinions are tomorrow's fish wrap.  :)

**Not just crazy -- TOTALLY EVIL CRAZY.  What sort of Nasti organization could keep that diesel thing secret for so long.  Look for the bodies!

***(I have no European readers :)

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