Friday, October 2, 2015

Cottage Report - Friggin Freezing

This is the weekend before final closing.  We have lake only access, so I had to push the boat against a NE gale at near freezing temps.  The water is drawn down 4 feet, so I had to tilt the motor way up to leave the dock.  Right now we are surviving in the uninsulated shack with a nice fire.  This place is a summer thing, and tomorrow it'll take a day to split firewood for a day.

Still, the colours are just starting, and next weekend they should be at a peak.  It's great weather to put everything to bed and not miss it, since I would never want to be here any later.  Although it is nice to think of a sunny winter day with white fluffy snow, there is a lot of really nasty weather to get there.  :)

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