Monday, October 19, 2015

Letter to Trudeau

I'm so confident that you'll win that I'm writing this letter in advance.  I was just as confident with my last 649 ticket.  Nevertheless, here is the letter.

Please, please make the nuclear regulator competent again.  We will forget that it was Liberal Ralfie, whom you still love, that brought in Farmer Keen to start decimating the place.  Harper just finished the job, turning it into total Toadie-Ville.

There will be consequences for having nobody at the wheel, and not very nice ones.  We are susceptible to a nuclear disaster at the 1 in 500 per annum probability level, when we should ride out a 1 in 10,000 earthquake, and only be at 1 in a million per annum for a nuclear release.  If you put a bit of transparency into the running of nuclear plants, you would see it.

PS.  Wow, who would have thought a majority?

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