Monday, October 26, 2015

Afghanistan blind thrust earthquake M7.5

It shows pure thrust, which I know is directed upward.

I'm surprised my Wikipedia article is still alive, although much improved.  A long time ago (at work), I did a huge amount of this.

Nepal was like this.  Within the valley no structure can survive since the pgv hits 2 m/s.  This is the ideal place for my idea of container houses.  For the other valleys, nothing will hit this one for a few hundred years.

Nepal was a bigger version, much closer to the 'Big Squoosh' of India.  The nearest strong motion device registered 100 cm/s.

Add:  We have to guess on the pgv, no instrument could survive.  It would have to be on a huge screw pile, and then it wouldn't give the true surface pgv.

Add2:  Ha, it was 200 km deep!  Should have read that.  Still a thrust, so it probably just put out 20 cm/s over a large area.

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