Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Time for bold new plans, Justin

Where is Canada's place in the world?  What can we do to make an impact and get oodles of money?  Obviously Big J would want to invest in roads and transit, but does that actually do anything?

These are some of the big things:

Turn Toronto into Palo Alto.  We have the tech talent, and the big underground downtown.  All we need to do is turn our expertise in penny mining stocks to tech startups.  We don't have to actually kill the big banks, they are dying anyway.

Turn Alberta into the geological capital of the world.  Let them improve my Geofish water treatment.  Go hybrid and fuel cell.  Off oil.

Go with my plan for Port Hope.  That is the ugliest place in the world.  Turn it into Neutron City, with world class nuclear research.

Vancouver has enough Asian money, and Montreal is hopeless, so we just worry about the East Coast.  I think they have to research cannabis.


ps.  This is classic old macro-economic issue of 'Guns or Butter?'.  Deficit money should be spent on Guns, and then income from that to spent on Butter.  Justin has a majority and can do something bold in the next year before all his useless ministers drag him into scandal.  The alternative is spread the butter very thinly over every square mile.

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