Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yeah, Yustains will legally be available in Canada

I have decided to give a new term to that which will soon come to Canada, legally, the bane of Hooperism.  He did real well pushing that wagon in Toronto, beside the Fords.  I'll make another term - Ford Powder, and Crack Ford.  This white power should not be legalized, since it is just used at parties to drink more.

We'll soon have Yustains growing at the cottage.  It should be sold at the LCBO with a lot of tax, which will make the desperate Ontario Libs happy.  It becomes difficult for the Toronto wine bar scene, since it shouldn't be vaped.  That would expose the servers, and the designated driver.  I foresee 'Brownie Bars'.  Everything will have to be graded with the major Yustaboids labelled.  Innovation will come in the ratios, a high level of Yustaboid2 will let you watch Blue Jay games.  High levels of all 3 will let you watch the Leafs.

I'm so happy this will come in my old age.  I can see myself puffing on my Yustapipe.  I just have to see if my horrible allergy developed 30 years ago is still active.  One little bit and I was down with a migraine.

Add:  Yeah, just got my Nexus 5x!

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