Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Summer ends in Ontario

The summer ends, and so does my 'happy blog'. I'm entering my SAD time, and I have to look to ways to increase my serotonin. Since I really don't get many comments, this blog doesn't do it. I become increasingly sensitive to all the big cats that I'm irritating!

Also, at the bottom of all my scatty blogging, I generally hoped to do some good. I'm convinced, however, that there will be no effort on regional geology, or tectonic models with the new nuclear plant, or that waste thingie -- just politicians and lawyers gumming everything up.

I'll probably just go humourless, just like every other science blog, and report on earthquakes, or some such thing. I have to put on a serious tone if I want to start doing something for money (like consulting). I figure that sooner or later there will be some major screw-ups in the nuclear industry regarding geotechnical engineering, and I'll be there!

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Monado said...

I think that you'll have to find the geology readers. Do a search for "Blog Carnivals Geology" and submit some links to your articles. That's probably the quickest way to generate some readership, and perhaps some concern about the way government ignores geology in making decisions.

Here's one: The Accretionary Wedge, which is just starting up. (More about The Accretionary Wedge)

Also check out Sorting Out Science.