Friday, September 14, 2007

First dollar!

I earned my first dollar with the ad thingie! This is better than my fishing on the dock, because I don't have to throw the pennies back! With a whole dollar, I should be able to go to the wife and say that my blogging isn't a total waste of time! With an independent stream of pennies, maybe I won't worry about getting a consulting job with the big guys (lots of schmoozing required!). Pennies and comments boost my serotonin, so I might be able to approach nuclear issues again (even though nothing is happening!). I really don't want to sit at boring looooooong panel meetings run by lawyers. I don't want to be subpoenaed, either.

I think OPG should sponsor me with lots of pennies. I would publish 'Harold talks straight about earthquakes' (better than me being on the other side!). I would then say 'Sure the geology for the DGR is shit, but do you have a better place, huh smartie-pants??' Once underground, I would advocate sneaking away under the edge of the cliff, towards the good rock.

And for lots of pennies, I would tell the world that a new nuclear plant on solid rock could never be damaged by any earthquake, because of physics. I just wouldn't mention all the horrible things on the existing plants! If I were the OPG penny-king I'd get them fixed!

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