Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Record traffic for me!

When you write a blog, and tend to be somewhat manic, anxious, and depressive, you need an audience that applauds. I know how standup comedians feel, but they all take drugs. :)

So, with great joy, I have cracked a new record on visits per day. I know it's because the Science Notes lady was being nice to me, but it keeps me up.

My great income from ads has been stuck at $1.03, ever since I cracked that all important first dollar mark, but nobody needs to know that... :)


Eamon Knight said...

Harold: What you really need is to get PZ Myers to link to one of your posts. The one time that happened to me, my site traffic doubled. No, not "per day" doubled, that's "as many visitors in the following 48 hours as in the entire previous history of the blog".

Harold Asmis said...

That sounds a bit too 'big time' for me! Maybe I wouldn't be able to handle the fame, all of Britney's ex-entourage descending on me....