Monday, September 10, 2007

Cut Tim Hortons Wait Times!

(a service to provide totally phony election issues for an Ontario election without issues)

It's a disgrace that we have to wait so long at the Timmy's drive-thru! What's more, the cars back up onto the street and create giant Timmy-Jams! Cut those wait times! Stop the social evil entering our streets!

I call upon whatshisname the provincial leader, and that other guy running, to do something about this! Forget the fact that new nuclear plants aren't going anywhere, and that they're dumping nuclear waste in sinkholes -- this is the main issue!


Monado said...

Sometimes it's poor planning on the part of the Timmie's. At the one on Sheppard Avenue east of the Don Valley Parkway, the pick-up booth is on the approaching driveway instead of the leaving driveway. If it were the other way around, there could be a whole line-up tucked away behind the building.

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, I really think that Timmy-Jams aren't taken seriously.