Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nuclear waste loonies in Windsor

I was waiting for this. The federal report on the storage of high-level nuclear waste mentioned everybody and their dog as candidates for a deep waste anti-mine. Now a local desperate candidate has whipped up the conspiracy theory that Windsor, Ontario (low on the list of best places to visit!), has been singled out for nuclear waste.

Of course, nearly any town in Ontario could do this, but Windsor is the first! People should be more concerned about real plans! One day, I would be proud to get money for a decent effort, but I haven't seen it yet. I would also like a decent effort for a new nuclear plant (ditto!). Speaking of which, there must be dozen people in Canada, who could lead a new plant, but they are all very retired. I know there is now an effort to knock at their door, and I hope, for their health, that they have a good chuckle! That only leaves me!! :) (and right now I'm at the cottage, enjoying the fall colours).

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