Saturday, September 22, 2007

Power track - 2

What the heck, one extra comment, and no bucks. I'll do the short version.

The giant power track beneath the reactors goes for the length of a football field. Think of it as two loops of cables which must be picked up and laid down on the floor.

This cable comes from a central location and must be supported on a central sled which has big wheels on a railroad-type track, and rollers for the cables which are enclosed in a steel chain-like arrangement. I once made a K-nex model of it to figure it out! As the big frame moves back and forth because the upper fueling choo-choo is moving, you can see that the leading cable gets laid down, and the trailing cable gets picked up. The sled moves half the distance of the frame, since at one end the frame is right up at the end of the sled, and the same the other way.

This all happens in a deep dark dungeon that nobody can visit because it is so hot with radioactivity. But I was called in because of a horrible accident, which never got into the press (Problem with Fueling Machine), just like the recent closure of another station was 'Problem with Backup Power'. HA!!

Now, since nobody is really interested in this, I will try to calm my blogging addiction with exercise, or pills, or something.

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