Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Deep Geology Thingie dishes out the cash

This article is what I've been waiting for! 100 thousand loonies have been handed out to people, to make the OJ-hearings a bit more exciting. I hope they do a good job!

As we all know, the Deep Geology Waste Respository (DGR, whatever!) is a big plan to spend all that money which has been building up, from the nuclear plants (a percentage is set aside for the garbage). This is generally a good thing, and I'm all for nuclear power, but technocrats are in charge of this money.

These people actually hate to be open, and face the public, so they'll have their lawyers do everything. The people getting the money will have more lawyers. The lawyers will get fancy sports cars. All the money, for and against, will go into the Bruce area, so they'll get new cars, as well.

Will there be any open, and worthwhile science? You can figure this out for yourselves!

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