Sunday, September 23, 2007

North Channel Nuclear Plant Lives!!

OMG! I just read this. They said the north channel plant was studied in the 70's, but completely forgot that we resurrected it in the 90's for the 'great expansion'. I spent a whole summer there doing the geophysics! We had tons of data, and then were ordered by the NDP to destroy it all!!

Of course, I have it all committed to memory :). I won't tell them what it showed, because that would spoil their happy-happy party. I'd love to go on the north channel in the summer and do it all over again. I'd want a fancier ship, and a pretty crew.....A very suitable boat for marine geophysics.


Eamon Knight said...

Hmm....a campaign press release (full of the usual "The current government is a bunch of incomptent boobs but we'll do everything right!" puffery) from a candidate for the current opposition party?

I wouldn't start buying shares in nuke construction contractors just yet ;-).

Harold Asmis said...

Unfortunately, this has been the general quality of the 'new nuke' effort so far.