Sunday, July 15, 2018

Weekend in Muskoka

We have relatives up there, and did the whole shebang.  The one rainy day, we went on the boat tour.  This is the sister ship to the steamer.  Nice tour, but all you see are the ridiculously over-built permanent homes there.  No more quaint cottages.  They are fighting people wanting to build huge condo towers, and the cell towers are disguised as trees.

The deer flies were absolutely horrible. 

Uptick in Global Temperatures

Yeah for a warm summer!  Boo to me for warmer temps when I thought things were going straight down.

The June global temps went back a month.

But the general pattern is neat.  This is all 'continental heat', which is just the land warming up, with no ocean involvement.

The end of the Gulf Stream means that the UK is not getting any moist air, which makes for a clammy trumpy handshake.  We were lucky in Toronto because we are getting a huge amount of Atlantic air.  But this can never last.  I suspect that things will be chilly by the second half of August.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Linux 4.18 rc4 finally works with Ryzen5

After many false hopes, this one seems to be stable, and the screen off power management is working.  The developers must have a lot of these chips.  The kernel mode setting (kms) still isn't working on 'recovery mode', but that will come.

So, you can buy this chip and as happy as you can with a computer.  :)

AMD did everything right with this, and it still took 6 months.  I think all the effort is on win gamers for a new chip, but most of these guys go for separate boards.

ps. blah.  Took two days to freeze, a new record.  :(

pps.  now it's freezing like before.

rc5 seems to be worse