Friday, July 25, 2014

Cottage report - Jul 25

Yeah, I caught a fish  Now I can have a new profile picture.  Weather isn't great.  We have the new Rogers data stick, and are getting 6 mb with the amplifier.  Very neat, but you have to try about 5 times to get a good line.  :)

This was caught in a little place I call 'No Bass Lake',

All ready to cook.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Europe is a Bureaucrat's Wet Dream


I know from the old company that every bureaucrat (bc) longs for the 40's when all telephone lines went through a central monitoring station, and all newspapers were censored.  This gave the bc's great power.

Europe looks longingly to Russia which has made the conversion.  :).  Unfortunately this model is 10 times more inefficient economically, and the only way to support it is through a closed economy (like the monopoly of the old company).

The bc's should never have accepted the physics of the Internet, and should have cut off CERN for enhancing it.  That physics is controlled by the design of the labelled packet, which makes it infinitely routable.  It's like holding dry sand in your fingers.

The bc ideal would be the Blackberry model where all communication goes unencrypted to a central server.  They would have to make a new Internet called NastiNet, and sell it as something much better.  There would be no routers, no packets, just streams to a central facility.  Even China hasn't managed to do that!

Of course the European bc's believe they can sell this, just look at the last quote in the article.  It would be a much 'friendlier' Internet, with no slander or child abusers.  Who could refuse that?  I know that I would never be allowed on it.  :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Oil companies believe that Oklahoma earthquake swarm is a natural variation.


Funny that's exactly how I feel about global gorming, and I'm sure the oil companies are behind me on that!

We just have to wait for OK.  My contention is that a huge mechanism is developing, just like a landslide.  The only proof is in future action.  Right now we are all talking heads, mainly because nobody is putting money behind measuring the right things.  But the only money in the States is oil company money, and would you put your head in a noose that you paid for?  Right.

So, we wait for the big thrust M5 that knocks down some buildings.  Then it is fun to speculate what the reaction will be.  I think it will be dismissed, which means we get to see an M6.  But they already had one of those, so hopefully we can go bigger.  :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

New US seismic hazard maps are probably useless


For the past 30 years there was an earthquake battle raging in Canada.  The seismologists (who can't do math) were fighting the engineers (who can't do physics).  The national building code devolves all the seismic stuff into a lateral body force coefficient.  It's sort of equivalent to tilting the building, or applying horizontal gravity.  Engineers love it because it is similar to wind load.

So every time the seismologists bumped up the map, the engineers would lower the coefficient, making everything exactly the same.  Now, the US will probably do the same.

The lack of both math and physics into this mess gives us a big problem.  PGV amplification on soft soils in a rock basin can be up to 100 times.  The acceleration doesn't amplify, since it all has to do with frequencies.  As with Chile, we are going to see a big mess if there is a significant earthquake in North America.  Then we will learn, la, la.  :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Europe is fine with Russia, lots of business as usual

They have accepted his apology for the latest aircraft shooting.

(Sorry, I made up the picture)