Monday, March 19, 2018

The Great Lakes at Turnover

One of the great things about the Great Lakes is the twice-yearly turnover.  There is no 'stagnant' old water at the bottom.  The water at 0C is the least dense of the cold water.  It then reaches maximum density at 4C.  When you see the map at 4, you know that section has completely turned over.  The sections below that are in the process of turnover.  The bottom water is always at 4, so all the fishies live.  The water from the top at 4 comes crashing down, and gives the fishies a tickle.

As it gets warmer, the temps go above 4 and then they stay on top.  I always found it amazing that all of life depends on this little thing.  But then, if it didn't happen, we wouldn't be here to talk about it.  :)

You'll also notice there is still some ice.  My cottage lake is frozen solid to maybe a foot or two, and the boats may not be in this year until the end of May.  During our lovely warm cycle, the ice went out middle of April or earlier, and we could make a visit at the beginning of May.  Not going to happen this year.

Good-bye to the Guardian

I loved this paper, so much so that I 'subscribed' to the digital edition.  This just gave me the right to comment and irritate all the warmies.  It was great for the last year, where I would predict extreme cold, and they would all say I was nuts, and it's going to be warmer.  It was also a good counter to trumypants.

Now it's all sad.  Without warming, it seems to have lost its purpose in life.  The last big article was:  "At the present rate of warming, we are all going to die."  I asked what do they mean by 'present rate', but nobody could answer.

They are printing the most extreme left-wing articles now, which are unreadable.  Even trumpypants doesn't need a counter any more.  Real life is weirder than SNL. 

So, I will stop reading and commenting.  I've called them all equivalent to creationists, in terms of intellectual interest.  Blah.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Physics: The mechanism of how the Pacific and Atlantic are linked

So, up to now, I could see the powerful Arctic current destroying the Gulf Stream and plunging the UK into bitter cold.  This Arctic current is much heavier than other winters, although this chart has only been on my radar for two years.  You have to accept my word for it, since nobody does anything with this.

But there has been massive instability in the Atlantic equatorial current or 'conveyor belt'.  Again, no historical reference.  Looking at it again in 3D, I can see how the cold current would plunge beneath the Gulf Stream and hit the equatorial belt.


For the warm spells, the Pacific Heat Battery builds up heat energy, and then finally gives up, for chaotic reasons.  There would also be a counter force of heat build-up in the west.  For all this time, the North Pacific current has been warming the Arctic, causing ice melting and the Beaufort Gyre.  This gyre is another battery, but storing up cold fresh water from the ice.  As being less dense in a vortex, the middle would be 2 cm higher than the rest.  This would be seen in satellite gravity measurements, if somebody would look.

Then it all blows.  A huge Arctic current comes down.  As it hits the Gulf Stream, it plunges in very deep water that is the home of the Titanic.  The current comes roaring down and hits the equatorial current, which generally goes all the way down, since it is also a heat battery.

This is a hypothesis.  It could be tested by looking at the deep currents.  They won't look, though.  Nobody is doing this sort of thing.  Everything is being handled by the Unemployed English Majors.  :)