Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cottage Report - S16

Fine, cold October weather in September.  All alone with the dog. Will cut more firewood, but fishing alone with the puppy is nearly impossible.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Linux - New Kernel a bit rough

All of a sudden my usb disks stopped mounting for me, only as root.  No hope with anything on the Internet.  I had to run a new kernel 3.17rc5.  It gave an error, and lots of bling on the startup, but it works ok.  I can now mount my usb sticks with my ordinary user.

Dolphin is now giving extra options, so I think that was a problem.

Update:  If you want those search options then install 'baloo'.  Then go away for a day.  :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New earthquakes in Texas

Texas is back to trying waste injection.

They do everything in secret, but I am a bit surprised.  I think the ones around Dallas are just leftovers, but these new ones by Abilene are definitely injection.  It's right on the Oklahoma megathrust, so they have perfect conditions.  Now, if they just tried the Fish Treatment for the waste, they wouldn't have any problems, but I suspect they will just go on until the earthquakes get bigger and bigger.  Must have something for that new seismologist to do.  :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hurricanes make no headway against Mr. Arctic Vortex

Once again it is very cold in Canada.  The cold Arctic Vortex envelopes us.  All those baby hurricanes coming off Africa are strangled in their cradles.  :)

So now there are Two Big Questions:

How big do the earthquakes have to get in Oklahoma?

How cold does it have to get before Climate Scientists realize that Math came up and bit them?

Update:  Had to turn on the furnace, first time for the season.

Update2:  On the other side of Mexico, a new typhoon (hurricane) spinning.

Oklahoma M3.7 earthquake, back to the first mechanism

Well, we're back to the future, with the standard earthquakes for the first mechanism.

They might as well just cast these solutions with a rubber stamp.  :)  This line has strike-slip with some tension.  We should be getting 4's with the identical stamp.

As I'm constantly whining about, we need matched thrusts to keep this up.  Remember, by definition, if we didn't have a sustaining (growing) mechanism, these things would just peter out.

Addition:  First reported as 4.1, now everything is getting discounted, time to recalibrate.