Monday, August 20, 2018

End of the stagnant air

July and August were the continental 'default weather', where stagnant air heats up tremendously.  In Toronto we got a lot humid air and rainstorms, because the Gulf air could creep up on us.  The UK broiled without the Gulf Stream.

The warmies have been busy dreaming up 'convenient explanations' of the day.  This used to be called 'ad hoc' reasoning, such as the clockwork universe.  Unfortunately, this is the common reasoning of the day.  Those very few of us that like to stick to the Scientific Method, can only roll our eyes.

Now the UK is going to suffer 'default winter', and they deserve it.  We are getting strong Arctic breezes, and we'll finish up with a default August.  Maybe some warmth in September, and then we plunge into Winter.  I told those guys in the UK to stock up on ice salt, but they all just send insults.  That's been the way of the warmies since the beginning.

I can't wait to see the global temps and Arctic ice volume.  The latest warmie thing is that all this funny weather is caused by the Arctic warming up.  Ha.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Linux - kernel 4.18.3 maintains the regression for amdgpu

A regression in Linux is when something that used to work, doesn't.  This is a big discussion, as they have chopped out the most common screen-set with amdgpu, and they don't have a clue what they did.

Thank goodness 4.17 still works, and we'll have to wait for 4.19 for better amdgpu support.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Going to be super-hot -- ha!


Using the great science of 'hindcasting', we get this projection.  Hindcasting was always used for the carbon projections, this is just more detailed.  At the old place, I usually got into great fights on the use of 'adjusted modelling', based on what you wanted.  They always boasted that their analysis always was exactly spot-on for the day, until the next day.  This is what is happening here.  The actual global temp graph is way below the original carbon projection.  They are now 'adjusting' it for the day.

When you are dealing with 'Grand Stupidities', then this is absolutely wonderful.  It's like doing this with stock prices.  A sure way to make money!  Not!

Anyway, I put this in for the record.  My take on it, is that this northern heat wave is a result of no ocean current activity, and is the default mid-west weather for summer.  We are into an 'old-school' August, and the nights are going down to 12 deg, with highs of 25.  We are going to get 'default' Winnipeg weather for the winter.  I'm thinking that the Atlantic heat is draining early, but we'll see.  I suspect that this month's global temps might still show a little lump.

I'm putting up the sides of the greenhouse, and I should get a good salad crop until the end of October.  Then we are in for a nice 70's winter.  Kills the fire ants.  :)

ps.  Everybody is 'hot' on the heatwaves.  Get up and protest!

pps.  On the positive side, they are drawing their line in the sand, and saying that global temps will zoom up even more to get back on track.

more:  They've come up with a new trend line that wipes out the old projections, and ignored the little bit at the end.  Very convincing.