Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ozone hole thing will come back to annoy us


Now that the Atlantic belt is giving up its last bit of heat energy, the Arctic is going to get really cold with a heck of a vortex.  This gives us big ozone holes.  Ozoners are a fun lot, they mention huge convection that brings minor chemicals up into the stratosphere, but it doesn't bring any heat energy.

So you can have wild convection, and eat your greenhouse gases, too.  This gives me a physics headache.  :)  Say no more.

**physics experiments show no such chlorine-dumping reactions at vortex temps.

***convection is caused by heat energy, amazingly enough.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Linux -- Epson all-in-one WF-4740

Somehow I got hold a big epson thing for free, and for review.  You can print on it, but you can't network scan it.  Or least I can't after a lot of trying.

Also, this thing showed a 'scanner error' that was only fixed by bashing it around a little.  I would never get a scanner and printer together.  Get a separate scanner, and a laser printer.

ps. I did get one response that called me a moron.  I appreciate all responses.  :)

Atmosphere is a giant field of vortices

I'm quite impressed.  I've never seen anything like this, but we haven't really been able to see this sort of picture in the past.  This is pure physics.

This comes from the collapse of El Nino and the influx of cold air.  I wonder how long it will go on.