Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mouse Troubles

The hills are alive with the sound of coyotes, and the screech of our Peregrine falcons.  What's a mouse to do?  Why, invade my house and find new penetrations that I thought I sealed all up.

I have now sealed up some more remote electrical cable penetrations.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wolf PR

Just got this in the mail.

Explanation for those who do not follow my blog:  These guys are all over Toronto pretending to be coyotes.  They knock at doors, and ask if your dog can come out to play.  :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Tiny earthquake in Spain

An M5.0 in the middle of nowhere.  Here is the street-view of the epicentre.

It's fairly obvious that the windmills caused the earthquake.  I am available for television interviews.  :)

Polar bears should be getting happier


I didn't think there was much here, but I decided to run this chart again, after my dog walk this morning, and the fact that the wolves are descending on Toronto.  At least they're happy.  They can take down a deer any old day in our deep snow.

The chart basically says that there's a lot more ice volume than last year, and that everything is climbing up rapidly.  That's the problem that the warmers have in extrapolation.  You only have a chance if you got solid physics, or fundamental forces.  No chance if you are like a momentum investor in the stock market.

So, the polar bear scare goes down the tubes for these guys.  Doesn't stop them for a second, and that's what I love about them.  Such tenacity in their convictions!  I just can't argue with them.  Don't want to either, and I run fast.  :)  Really, if Katharine Hayhoe started arguing with me, I'd just roll over and show my throat, so that's why I hide.

Last fall I got the all basement windows and back door, to be super-insulated.  I'll have to think of more stuff to do, since we'll have the cold, and a big earthquake might take care of cheap fracking natural gas.  Get a hot-tub with a car-port-type roof cover like I have.  It's like going to a Caribbean beach every night!  Don't bother with Florida any more in the Winter, they are going to freeze!

One more thing:  Any chart of past interglacials shows the temperature going up and down like a toilet seat.  We are oscillating in the efficiency of our oceanic heat pumps.  If those heat pumps go warp speed, then the Arctic becomes warmer, the tropics become cooler, and then they shut off again.  Love the physics!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mexico M6.6 earthquake - last gasp of dying spreading ridge

This earthquake is so new they don't even have a fault plane solution for it yet.  Probably oblique-shear, and it was probably lightly felt.  I just like its location.  It's exactly the same as that last mid-Atlantic earthquake, a transform fault near a spread.  Only this one is going down!  What exactly happens when a spreading ridge is swallowed by a subduction zone?  You get a lot of heat under the continent, and it won't be just volcanoes any more.  It'll be the Rockies with volcanoes!

Update:  Exactly the same as the other mid-Atlantic one.