Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Men From Venus Invade Earth - Part 3

The final thing of the mfv was global warming.  With a low Rayleigh Number, the air is glass.  This allowed a little bit of carbon dioxide to be the reason for warming.  There was no need to do experiments, or anything.  They produced a projection of warming, and we were all going to die.  Immediately, the gloomy English Majors picked this up.  The rest is history.

The End.

Men From Venus Invade Earth - Part 2

Now, here's the sad part.  The Men From Venus (mfv) were raised with completely different physics from Earth.  It's all to do with the Rayleigh Number (rn).   This definition describes convection, which is great, but it is also the boundary between laminar and turbulent flow.  A low rn means heat is transferred by conduction and a high means convection.

Venus is extremely low in rn.  The highly compressed atmosphere acts as a greenhouse glass, and Venus is very hot because of it.  Low rn has a different physics, for example insects live with low rn in air.  You can't use their method of flying with an airplane at high rn.  The whole thing is quite amazing and you should read about it.

Unfortunately, mfv did not read about it, and took a low rn environment and applied it to Earth.  They took over the unfortunate group and said "We don't need any of that experiment stuff, we can get everything from satellites."  They killed the experiment people, but those guys did one great thing before they died.  Magnificent.

The mfv looked for atmospheric contaminants that could do stuff.  They discovered the ozone hole with satellites, and came out with a Venus-like explanation -- Chlorine was the villain, even at a few parts per million.  That's Venus Physics!

--to be continued

Men From Venus Invade Earth - Part 1

I finally got the origins of the whole Global Warming thing.  It started with two units of bureaucratic nasa.  At the time nasa was big on Venus as the closest planet and they sent in probes that lasted two minutes and had orbiting satellites.  The Men From Venus (mfv) were big then.  There was also a very good Earth Space and Atmospheric Sciences section.  They sent out x-planes and did measurements, as well as having a big experimental chamber.

So sad.  Nasa ran into some hard times due to general bureaucratic incompetence.  Killed a bunch of people.  New Head looked for heads to chop.  "No Money!" he screamed and totally wiped out Venus. "Never going there anyways.  Off to Mars!".  The mfv went to Earth in a big bus.  The women went to Mars. 

The two groups fought over no money.  A Top Dog has to be the Big Frog, or he's nothing with no money.  We know who won.

-- to be continued.