Monday, August 21, 2017

China shoots itself in the foot


This news article explains that the editors of a journal for Chinese scientific consumption were told to take out a lot of articles and they meekly did.  Then there was a ruckus, and weasels suddenly puffed up their chests in the name of freedom.  I now propose that all scientific articles append to the their titles "as pertains to political power in China".

"Latest results in quantum mechanics, as pertains to political power in China".  It is also necessary to add at least one quip:  "Tolerances must be as tight as the central control in China".

Those who wish to keep Russia also ignorant of all scientific progress, should randomly add "Putin is gay", in their articles.  :)

With this effort we don't have to worry about those two countries anymore.

ps.  Ha, news of the big reverse is also being censored.

From the people who gave you 'Greenhouse Gas' and the 'Ozone Hole'


Somewhere in the bowels of NADA there is a building with a sign "No basic physics allowed".  If the Universe obeyed signs, then that building wouldn't stand, but it does, and it is full of people who ignore the basic laws of physics.  They gave us the concept of a 'greenhouse gas', without knowing that a true greenhouse gas would be greenhouse glass, and we'd all be dead.  As long as you allow the tiniest bit of convection there's no greenhouse.

And the ozone hole.  They should have known that in the centre of a really good polar vortex, it is so cold that no reaction takes place.  Now, no newspaper in the world wants to look back at that (God knows I tried).

All these little things just took a trillion dollars out of the economy.  Who cares?  But now they want to destroy the world.

Yes, the Yellowstone super-volcano, along with about 20 others.  They want to pop this zit before it bursts again.  Their singular desire to venture into areas of which they know nothing, has come up with a plan.  Why don't these volcanoes blow up tomorrow?  Because they have a super-hard solid titanium top cap.  Must be true because it sounds so good.

They want to cool it down, but not by drilling into the titanium top cap, because that might weaken it and sends things off.  No, they want to attack the flanks, which any true storyteller knows has nothing to do with the volcano.

Now, if they had a tiny bit of rock mechanics, which is the physics of rock, they might be alarmed at this ridiculous approach.  For it is the strong flanks that keep a volcano down, the top is shot to rat poop.  A volcano only comes to life when the flanks collapse, thus squeezing the magma like a lemon.

Alas, as the cold Siberian air comes down to finish global warming, nobody will look back at all the things that came from the Building of No Physics.  This project will go ahead and most likely nothing will happen, I hope.

ps. they want to do something called 'Hot Dry Rock Extraction'.  This has never worked and never will.

pps.  Actually, in order to do anything, they have to stare Physics in the face.  Ha!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summary of Current Fish Issues

I really can't find too much to write about these days.  However, we are going for a week touring around Newfoundland, and that's exciting to plan for.

Oklahoma Earthquakes:  Trumpy has driven the economy into a hole and natural gas is bouncing along the bottom of the price chart.  No big earthquake this year.

Global Warming:  Watching the temperatures fall is like watching grass grow.  In fact, my grass has grown at a ridiculous rate with all this rain.  If I make fun of warmies on the leftie newspapers, they just cut off the temperature charts at 2016.

Toronto Housing Crash:  Same as global warming.

I have to fight this depression.  :)