Monday, October 15, 2018

Taking another sabbatical

Nothing going on.  My Oklahoma earthquakes are dead.  Cannabis Day has come and gone, and we are just waiting for global temps to drop. 

I'm tired of writing things and we have the death of g+ where I was the last known survivor.  It was funny last night when we had the kids and the 20-something girlfriend reacted quite wildly when we said google plus was dead.  "Oh no, not Google Plus!". Took us some time to figure out she was thinking about google apps and had never heard of g+.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

My Google Plus is Deleted

I've been in lots of 'social things' since the beginning of the internet.  They all died.  FB should die because of the garbage going on.  It is a general rule that a social room can't exist with moderation, or enforced names.  They are just doomed to flair up and die.

fb and twit have destroyed civil society, but they are successful.  I wonder if anybody could ever come up with something positive for the world.

How to make Cannabis Oil

Happy Canadabis Day!

The media has declared that the time has started already, and who am I to argue?

This is my film for the special day.  It shows how to make CBD oil, or Cannabis Oil (there I finally wrote it for the search engines.

Sea Oil is the greatest thing for old people.  It takes care of all the bangs and hurts.  Don't think you can put it on top of an unhealthy lifestyle, it's not that strong.

Also, a scientific article shows that all strains are the same.  It's just a matter of luck how the percentages turn out.