Saturday, January 31, 2015

Anti-Terror Terror


Let's fight this as we did all the other crap limiting the Internet and such.  Where is Geist?  Has he become too comfy on all his earnings?  We need him.

All of this can be handled under existing laws.  Especially propagating the killing crap (only in Canada).  Unlike the US, we have hate laws.  Prosecute that radical nut with that!  Stopping potential terrorists from going to Syria can also be done with existing laws.

They always want to go too far.  This will cost our economy dearly as all the bright ones go to California (the dollar isn't helping).  NO FISHING ON THE INTERNET!

Addition:  Our Russian friend, Snow-happy, revealed that Canada fished millions of downloads and got two weak leads that crapped out.  Although the proposed legislation may not mention fishing directly, how are they going to enforce it?  You can bet the fishers of men will be lining up the next day for a few mil.

Oh - Oh!       Harper of Killjoy
                      The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships (to California)

New Texas Injection Zone

I told you it would happen again.  The idiot son decides to mix in surface water (fracking waste) into the salt water injection well, and we get another series of earthquakes.

Right now these are poorly located.  They should be right on top of each other.  This is a fine game of Whack-a-Mole, and let's see how big we get.  :)

**Remember, if anybody in Texas were honest we'd know how to treat frack waste for injection.

Addition:  I think we've had about 5 of these games in T-land.  Maybe more.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Wither Goest Google?

Hot news on Disqus, my tech discussion forum, is that Google is getting sliced to ribbons in the mobile ad market.  Facebook and its children are cleaning up with the teenyboppers.  Trouble is, that these young people are all unemployed and don't buy anything, except maybe a new iphone every other year.

As well, the articles say that this market is open for new entrants to make a killing.  Anybody with a few mil of venture capital can start a new outfit, like Painterest, where young celebrities paint nude graffiti of themselves on virtual walls.  :)  (That's a joke, son)

This ad market will crash.  But where's the money?  Where can my hotshot Valley son go?  Why back into the resurgent Google.  They will adopt my method of flat corporate organization and go after the oldies ad market.  Japan is totally choked with old guys guys wanting school-girl robots, ordered on-line.

I envision my G-chair, with voice keyboard in front of my giant 4K chromebook screen.  I scream "WANT THAT!" and it's instantly delivered by drone.  My g-glass magnifies fine print and hearing, for the few times I venture out with the dog.  When we have parties, I'll be asking "What the hell is her name again, you know, that irritating bitch?"  It'll have to pick up my sub-vocalizing, since I don't want it to say "You just said that out loud."  Bummer.

My g-band will measure heart and brain signals, and blood levels, all going into my personal g-assistant.  The ads will say "Ask your doctor about Gammystan, the new miracle drug that will clear up the pain in your right knee.  You should also order some more GM Super-prune, for that other problem."

This is paradise!  And Google rakes off 10%.

 ps. The Googster may not be in on this if they succumb to old-company disease, which I think is probable.  #1 son will have to form a new company.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Workplace Collaboration Again

After the sillies with, I was noticing all the big and small players are humping the workplace collaboration camel again.  Trouble is, they all want to sell it to dysfunctional big companies with rigid hierarchies, who would actually pay.

It won't happen.  For 30 years at the old company, I tried bring things in.  I was just trying to settle for forums, and maybe wiki-type pages.  Nope.  They still go with Outlook email with monstrous cc lists which each person likes to fiddle with.  But all the email releases (from MS) got all the bosses spooked, so they would never say anything on email that would nail them to the wall.  Everything got done through a single channel (phone or meeting) where you were told what to do, and on your head be it!  Practically every company works this way.

Why is this?  In an organization stricken with old-company disease, the fundamental political schema is feudal.  Each person (who wants to advance) spends 90% of his time looking up.  Every email is written with that in mind.  Hopes are dashed on the rocks of mistakes, since there is no currency on accomplishments.  The organization is self-similar to the top in that each person wants nothing to leak out from below.

Can we put 'collaboration' into this?  Only for people working next to each other, and what the heck.  Is there a case where a hierarchy went full hog into this, and freely gave up their power?  No, each person protects himself by stashing knowledge or warm bodies.

I've always pushed a three-layer organization, that would be immune from old-company disease.

First layer - the wealth creators, rewards on the money created.

Second layer - the helpers to the first layer (most important thing in a corporation, or you might as well be all individuals.  Rewards based on reviews by the first layer.

Third layer - The Corporate Layer.  Lawyers, accounts, people who face the regulators.  In this layer would be the money men who would flit around, and determine compensation.  Wealth creators might be paid more than anyone here.

Modern technology, like this 'new age' groupware, could make this work.  Everybody would have a chromebook that couldn't do print screens.  Everybody would have a video feed that was always on, and people could watch random feeds, and use it for communication.  People could 'check out' pdf's for reading on tablets and such, but all communication would be done on the chromebooks.  Encryption would be pub/priv key at the chromebook.  Everyone would have to write digests often for legal purposes, or the equivalent to diaries.  Politically incorrect blurts would disappear in the virtual meetings which could not be archived as they are encrypted.

Could IBM go this way?  Fat Chance!  New companies could.

Additional thought:  Even new companies are entrenched in power roles immediately.  Take a certain electric car company.  It's founder is a brilliant ah-hole who likes to fire people on the spot.  They all work in giant arena with just a tiny desk each.  This is a flat organization like my ideal.  But will it scale?  No, the next layer will all want to protect themselves from the caprices of the boss.  And so on.  Could a new company form whose founder doesn't want to play god?  Has it ever happened?

Thought2:  I realize I'm completely wrong on one thing.  If you want to sell to other dysfunctional hierarchal companies, then you need to match them.  I just found out that Amazon Web Services has a huge bureaucracy, and one million business customers who want to make money on the Web.  Silly me.

Big Guns Finally Wade In On Oklahoma


“There’s a hysteria that needs to be brought back to reality that these [quakes] are light and will not cause any harm,” Brown said, according to local news reports.

“An earthquake that was sitting there waiting goes kaboing. Then things shake,”

Or officials could reduce volumes at several “monster” wells, with names such as “Deep Throat” and “Flower Power,” that scientists say may be responsible for a huge share of quakes across the Midwest.

“This was in August. In July, we had 33 earthquakes in Payne County, where Oklahoma State University is located. The last thing I said was: Those high-rise dorms at the campus, if one or more were toppled and several students were killed, would you be able to look back and say you did everything you could to prevent it?"

“Rather than just one well, one earthquake, it may be that the broader region is affected by multiple wells,” said Robert Williams, a geophysicist with the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program in Golden, Colo., citing forthcoming research by Stanford geophysicist Mark Zoback.

I have never seen so many choice quotes in one article.  The Wash Post really knows how to pick up sound bites.  Zoback is the "King of USGS" when it comes to stress and earthquakes.  For him to get off his tanning lounge chair in California is really something.  :)

For me, Oklahoma has always been lucky in that the ramp-up has been much slower than anywhere else.  They just had a swarm of 4's in the middle of nowhere.  I was expecting a swarm of 5's more than a year ago right under the brick buildings of the city and university.

For Oklahoma to ban injection means the death of fracking as we know it.  It's already dying with the low oil prices.  It's just a matter of which death comes first.