Thursday, July 30, 2015

Shootout at the OK Corral

I had this title in my Earthquakes g+ collection.  As you know, g+ is for people who don't talk much, and that's a lousy basis for social network.  It will never pull in more money than it costs.

Basically, the title refers to the massive purge of earthquake intellect from that fine state.  Nobody will now touch it with a barge-pole, except me.  The last investigative journalists from Tulsa were kicked out by the tabloid king, and went to this thing.  The web site clicks on and off, as they struggle to find coins in the sewer.

I love these guys, but an online journal on Tulsa?  On corruption in Oklahoma?  They will have to get members to pay big bucks for 'exclusive' content, and that never works.  The last such magazine was the Economist, and I stopped paying for it when they supported Global Warming.  :)  Even the New Yorker has to publish a ridiculous sensational earthquake article, and then they backed down.  It was written by the book critic.

The last job of regular newspapers is to get talking heads to say nothing significant.  They are the only ones to get access to the self-serving celebrities.  All the breaking news is now on YouTube.  :)

To follow the old model, these people need money to travel, and to eat.  My writing costs me nothing and I get nothing for it.  I never want to enter controversy, because then you need money to protect yourself.  Can you imagine me going against the old company, or frackers?  It's best that they laugh me off.

Finally conclusion.  These poor guys are dead.  If you are a crazy rich guy then pay them some money, as if that's going to happen....

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oklahoma earthquake damage confirmed


I finally found the damage!  Ok people, this was an M5, you're fooling yourself with M4.5.  It was also a true Intensity 7, with the structural damage.  The busgus got rid of that report, and said it was 6.

Note the ceiling tile damage.  The network cable was a huge weight, and these things are never tied.  Duck and cover for sure.  Had this been a thrust, I shudder to think.

Addendum:  I'm thinking this is 10 cm/s PGV on firm ground, since I don't think OK has saturated swamp.  A true M5 in the East.

PS. no more Austin Holland to kick around any more.  He's gone. Here's what I wrote in g+

Ode to Austin

Standing in front,
Rotten tomatoes thrown,
He states it's all natural,
But inside he cries.

I hope he has a good job now, joining the busgus.  He probably has a contract that says he never has to go into that crazy state.  

El Nino fights the good fight

This is a screen shot of the ocean currents.  El Nino is fighting the prevailing currents.  It could actually die right here, like last time.  If it makes it, it will deflect up and down like the second half which shows how the Atlantic current deflects up and saves Great Britain.

None of these currents are tremendously stable over centuries.  That's what makes up warm and cold spells.  If they go really wild, then we get a mini ice age.  I've written what we need for a real ice age, and we got another 5000 years to go.  I've also written what this means to crazy globular warming (sic).

Addendum:  You can easily see how we get a mini ice age.  If the Atlantic current decides to go south more, all the deflection goes to Argentina.  The North is frozen out.  All this energy is orders of magnitude above cow farts warming us.  :)