Thursday, May 19, 2016

Geotech #14

I'm showing this because it looks like they are going to do all the scaling, while putting up cloth to 'protect' the shale.  Good thing we are going into our Spring dry period before the thunderstorms.  You can see the large shale talus at the edge.  I had thought this slope was failing because the existing armourstone was being undermined by the river.  But that stone was on a solid caprock, and didn't move.  The slope is failing due to shale weathering.

This shale has a wonderful property, once exposed to air and moisture, it pops like popcorn.  It has joints that help it along.  I saw one on the exposure.  A fresh exposure like this is always a geologist's dream.  Anyway, the retreating shale allows the till above to slump.  The recent big slumping was triggered by the guy with the swimming pool just dumping water over the edge, but it would have happened soon.

These guys are releasing the till above by their excavation, but the dry weather should help.  Once the armourstone is on with the useless cloth, the weathering can start all over again.  The usual cure would be to pin on some steel mesh and use shotcrete to hold the shale.  Probably 1-2 metre-long bolts to get by the joint expansion.  I don't know how you would support the till which looks like it is ready to go any minute.  Perhaps more pinning.  Or scaling with the same support as the shale.  You would need one heck of a long excavator.

For political reasons they probably can't scale the upper section, since that would take an inch off the property.  Better to wait and then give a Gallic Shrug.  :)

Addition.  I'm just adding this because they are using classic 'castle' construction, which is a rock face filled with rubble.  This is fantastic!

Tues. update - still building Hadrian's Wall.  It's beautiful.  Super hot and dry today, dessication cracks all over the place.  Of course, that doesn't mean anything.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Face Cream Scam

**no real names are used here, since I am terrified of these people

Certain others in the house love that social cesspit FB.  On this, a letter was forwarded, dripping with sincerity, about how a teacher wanted to demonstrate social media to her students.  In it was another heart-felt endorsement from the famous singer Selene about a face cream she wanted all her friends to have for free.

This miracle cream, true belly, could be had for free if you gave your email and credit card number.  I was asked about it and I immediately googled 'true belly scam'.  The whole page was filled with scam titles, yet inside there were more wonderful endorsements.  That dang company had saturated googs with phoney shell companies.  You had to go to the second page for reality.

So they send you a little jar of sour cream, and then whack your credit card for hundreds of bucks.  They use tear-off shell companies to fool the credit card companies.  You probably have to cancel your card.

I am amazed at the scale of this, and the power of their social engineering.  Even after I explained all this, I got 'But can you get it?'.  That is why I am so afraid of them, and FB.  :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lucky Geotech 13

Now, I'm only doing these for my retired colleagues, so they can have a laugh.  I was the last paid geotech engineer in Ontario, and I had to quickly go to earthquakes when all infrastructure builds ended.  As well, with cloth and tensar it became child's play to put up a retaining wall, which was the hard-core geotech's bread and butter.  There are no tricky foundations in Ontario, and very few new bridges.  As we know, from the Tunnel to Nowhere, they had to get a mining engineer for the paperwork, and paid no attention to him (at least it appeared that way).

These people are putting cloth against shale, and are probably going to stack the armourstone against it, in a near-vertical wall.  This is the ultimate 'handyman special' and it is wonderful.  I don't have a single thing to say about it, but the 'club' knows.  Can't wait for tomorrow!