Saturday, October 25, 2014

Google Inbox - Multiple devices, multiple inputs

The Fish has been honoured to be an early recipient of Inbox.  Don't tell him if you got it too.

I think email has single-handedly destroyed the dysfunctional bureaucracy.  In a company, everybody and their dog sends stuff to every person, just to cover their rears.  5000 emails in the inbox is typical for a harried executive.  Well, forget those people, because they only use Microsoft.  Let's think about people in the New Economy who are effective.

We all now have at least three devices - phone, tablet, and computer.  We are getting info from at least two sources - hangouts (texts), and email.  We'll get the email first on the phone, while we are enjoying our espresso at Starbucks.  It's a link to a report, we don't want to deal with that now - pin it for the computer.

Things can be bundled and labelled - 'Boring' for corporate stuff, etc.  Links to YouTube videos can be saved for the tablet at home.

I didn't go through all the features, since I'm not a busy person, but I can see the potential here, and it would be great for my kids.

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Geology Grand Question: What is the process that eats continents?


Everywhere we look we see that the continents were increased by the plastering of fresh silicates from island arc complexes.  This is the fundamental deep geology of Ontario and Oklahoma, but they ignore it in the States, and for Bruce Deep Holes.

Like Einstein, I believe in a Friendly God, for things that I don't want to think about.  For example, we'd all be dead if water didn't expand when freezing.  What if???   Ouch, my brain hurts!  But I do know that in human biology, if you find a mechanism that increases serotonin in the brain, you better start hunting for something that destroys it.  This is The Balance of a Friendly God.

So, continents keep increasing, but we know that for the last billion year or so, the ratio of continents to oceans has been exactly the same.  Look for something that eats continents.  If  the amount of carbon dioxide increases temperature exponentially and unending,-- look for a compensating mechanism.  We have been hit with carbon dioxide before in geologic time.  If you want to think harder and don't invoke a God, then call it dumb luck.  And we wouldn't be here to yap about it.

I think the compensating mechanism for continents is heat flow.  As a thought experiment, double the size of continents.  What happens?  All Hell breaks loose because that light and fluffy silicate is a great insulator.  So, put all these continents together as a Super Continent, and watch out  for the fireworks!  The Deccan Traps would be nothing.  So, it is a simple matter that if we increase frothy silicates, the mantle gets hotter, and pours out basalt.  I think during a continental get-together, the edges get eaten off.  Even without that, if a continent gets too big for its britches, its deep keel gets eaten, even to the point of creating a Michigan Basin, a great example of mantle-munchies if I ever saw one.  :)

I think this will be the great next thing in tectonics -- Continental Breakfast.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lowe's is the Target of Hardware Stores

I went into an empty Target store the other day, and they still have zombies and empty shelves.  Although I had just bought a lot of junk at Walmart, I felt an instant pressure not to buy anything.  If they had a Target Bar and Grill when Rob Ford was young, think how the world would be different today!  They couldn't sell sex at a Target brothel.

I always go to Home Depot, but the new Lowe's is closer.  Because of road construction I went into it today.  Instant Damper!  But I had to get something.  They are so hopelessly American that they don't have credit card chip readers as a matter of principle.  That tore it for me!  If my credit card gets bunged, I'm going to really say something.  :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oklahoma earthquakes very active in the mid to low 3's

Ha!  This is a meaningless post, but I do it to keep awake on Oklahoma.  This type of activity goes back 6 months, the more modern thing was activity in the high 3's.  Boring!  The only other geological news is the 'record breaking temperatures' thing.  There is no more mention of the rate, so I guess this is another semantic shift.  I like to keep track of such things.  :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Toronto fish ladder kills fish

It's sad, I haven't been around to bug them, and the Ontario gov't has let the fish down.  Billions wasted and they can't do a little thing.

They can't jump over the falls, and they get trapped in the clogged fish ladder.  The prov. gov't (Libs) sucks.

Update:  I sent a form to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Dead Fish.  If they are the usual government, it'll be weeks before the fish are not saved.  The summer students are gone, and the old guys don't do Internet well.  I suppose there might be an unpaid intern scavenging under the minister's table, but that would be just too lucky.  :)

Update2:  I was afraid to go down for a week, but I'm happy to report that the intern found the email and it's all cleaned up.