Monday, November 30, 2015

Betting on the earthquake

I won't make a penny, but I'm reasonably certain that we'll have a full M7 sequence in Oklahoma soon enough.  They open all their closed wells after a week.  All those involved in this will win the Darwin Awards Champions of the Decade.  Nobody will come close.

Who are the other big money winners?

The busgus - when the midwest is destroyed, they'll get huge amounts of money for their silly projects in California.  Could we see a reason why they won't come near to Oklahoma?

Canada - oil at $100 again.  The oil sands won't look so dirty.

Oil futures investors - put $5 down for expensive oil in a year.  It's like a certain lottery ticket.

Saudis - they'll be rolling in the dough, and can finance more of things we won't talk about.

*Darwin Awards

**this is satire.

Second Oklahoma earthquake wave starts

This is on the main line, a highly directional M4.5, which has been registered as a 5.4 in the direction of the hammer.  We should expect a bunch of these, and this will be the #2 attempt on the 10-chamber Russian Roulette gun.

Once we have the 4 or 5 major quakes, then there will a slow diffusion of the strain field, causing many quakes in the OK mechanism, and possibly tickling New Madrid again.  Last time I gave a Yellow Knick-Knack warning for all those people on soft soil in Eastern North America.  I don't what I'll do this time.

This was a shallow shear giving the highest intensity yet for a strike-slip.  Every time the strain shifts, all the injectors give a little cheer, since it opens up the rock a bit more.  They better hurry up and make their money now, you never know when it will end.  The Tragedy of the Commons.

To repeat, this will be the second strong signal for a New Madrid-type sequence.  However, the signals could go on a long time.  I give each signal a 1 in 10 odds of being right.

PS - The great experiment.  I sometimes use the expression 'Too stupid to live'.  But how stupid?  It would be great for those Repub candidates to have a debate OK at right time.  Then something good will come of this.  :)  And we look at the trump, who would answer our question.

UN - FRIGGIN - BELIEVABLE  This earthquake was actually 'upgraded' to a 4.7  I've never seen this.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Justin Trudeau, put your science money into seismic

We might finally realize that Harper never really saved any money.  He just let things fall apart while giving big tax breaks.  That was his way to try and get the economy going, but it didn't work.  All tax breaks go to buying big screen tv's, infrastructure money goes to Niagara Tunnels to Nowhere.  Now it's Justin's turn.  All the necessary money can be raised by taxing legal recreational drugs.  :)

I'm a big believer in the idea that all this extra money should go into getting more money, or saving long-term as in health care, or providing a safety net for people to get back on their feet.  You've read my views on turning Toronto into Palo Alto, and Port Hope in Nuclear City.  As if any of that will happen.  Now comes the idea of turning Canada into a huge seismic exporter.

I had my golden days of creating new seismic networks.  That was amazing stuff, and then Harper killed the opportunity.  Now I want us to fund other instrumentation, especially strong ground motion.  We can forget about California because they've got it all wrong.  Align ourselves with Taiwan, they got some brains.

Right now I want this.

If I'm right it's a 16 bit 2g accelerometer.  That's perfect, and what I got for Darlington many years ago.  It's way too expensive right now.  But it can be cheaper in bulk.  Mate it with a Raspberry Pi, or some such thing.  Have it buffer the readings like a dashcam, and send upon request.  So nifty.  We could export millions.  It would help Okies with their insurance claims, it could help insurance companies deny claims.  :)  Always sell to both sides in a war!

Go for it!

We can still be big in conventional seismic, but the volume is low.