Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Oklahoma Seismic Gap

The larger M4 thrusts are trying to fill in the Oklahoma Seismic Gap.  As I have said, there is no great explanation for this, but now I'm suspecting that they simply aren't injecting there.  That would be for 2 reasons, one is that the rock is tight all the way down, and the other is that they simply haven't got there yet.

I like to think they inject near cities and towns, so they can go for a beer at lunch.  This picture shows that the gap is totally empty.  Maybe the earthquakes don't like it because there's nobody to scare!  :)

Update:  Another M4.1 in Kansas.  They're much stupider than OK, no seismometers, and no fault plane solution.  :)

Update2:  They got a focal plane solution.

Totally normal (tension).  This is usually the first failure mode of stressed rock.  It results in very little PGV, unlike a thrust.

Update3:  It's looks like a record for significant earthquakes.  I'll be long in bed before the date closes.  I'm really beginning to think that all the mechanisms will converge, and this monster is much bigger than New Madrid.  I'll feel the big one here in Toronto!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cottage Report - S29

It continued with a wonderful fall.

The maples are in full glory and everybody should be out to see them.

On the drive up, we had to brake hard twice for turkeys crossing the road.  They would make quite a mess on the grill.  Don't stop dangerously, or you may cause an accident.  They are better than a moose.  :)

I owe a poem for the cottage next door.

The Vampires Next Door

They don’t have the teeth, and blood makes them weep,
But I know they are Vampires by the hours they keep.

We believe in Early to Bed, and Early to Rise,
But next door, late is best, something to prize.

The sunrise is beautiful, and a wonder to me,
But for the Vampires, it is a sight they will never see.

They have breakfast at Noon, a time for our lunch,
Perhaps they could combine, and call it a Brunch,
But no, they have Lunch at Dinner, with nary a peep,
And for their Dinner, we are already fast asleep.

They are very nice, to a degree that is fine,
And one evening they invited us for Peaches and Wine,
I responded, that we were sleepy as can be,
But he cried out, “Good God, it’s only seven thir-tee!”

But perhaps they aren’t Vampires, as my thoughts are in swirls,
For Heaven has ‘blessed’ them, with three teenage girls!

Solar Farms Up North

Sometimes I don't have to take pictures, since I can always steal one.  I took the north route to the cottage over by Beaverton and ran into two of these monstrosities being built.  That annoyed me more than the two times I had to stop for turkeys.  :)

These are fine for California deserts, but now you have to subtract the carbon value of the farm land, and the fact that you aren't getting any sun.  These things will never pay back the carbon it took to build them.

As I zoomed by I was imagining the 10 foot snow drifts coming with the end of our binomial temperature blurp.  I suppose you could feed in the cheap electricity to melt the snow off the panels.  :)  Then why not trickle in a bit and sell it at ten times the cost?

Related to the Texas Conspiracy, I was thinking that in Canada we have as many conspiracies, but nobody ever mentions them -- too embarrassing.

Texas Earthquake Conspiracy


"It's my personal belief," he said, "that the well water operator dialed it down to make them stop."

This is a great article.  If this seismologist becomes an Italian Fall-Guy, then it is fine, since he got lots of money and can go back to the farm.  I think this job is 90% political, and I could never do it.  I would soon go crazy and stand up and yell:  "You're all a bunch of idiots!"

But the heart of the matter is the Conspiracy of Azle.  Either he knows all the details and is actively covering it up, or they are keeping him in the dark.  Not nice either way, and I feel sorry for him.

*Conspiracy of Azle - As the mayor guesses, they had a saltwater injection well, and switched it to fracking waste.  Tons of earthquakes later, and hot political times, they quietly switched back again.  Earthquakes stopped.

This poor guy can never expose that since it involves his employer.  He'll just muddle on, sucking in the money, until they get rid of him.  That's too bad, since if they just aired this, it would solve all their problems.  They could use the Fish Treatment on frack waste and keep on with their party.

The OK earthquakes are frustrating me with their very slow pick-up, but now they are getting regular high threes.  I'm only interested in thrust-4's, but they are slowly coming.  What will happen is that they will soon get their large earthquakes, the Feds declare them a disaster area, and the insurance twits scream.  That would start a Fed inquiry that might just penetrate the Texas Conspiracy.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alaska earthquake M6.2

This was 102 km deep, and the PGV must have been less than 2 cm/s, although the report isn't in yet.

Very nice tectonics, but get this.

The thing was mostly strike-slip with a bit of subduction thrust.  Very weird, and means absolutely nothing.  Can't wait to see the PGV's and see the soil amplification.

Update:  Reference.   Ok, if your office looks like this after such a teeny, deep quake, get out of town!

Update:  At this point, I only see 2 records of about 6 cm/s on PGV.  The last earthquake of this size showed a general amplification of 5 times between rock and soil.