Friday, September 28, 2018

UK Weather Should Now Become Hilarious

We Canadians need to take our minds off trumpy's War on Women, and look at the poor UK.  They are about to see what it really means to have the latitude of Labrador.  For too long they have been molly-coddled by the Gulf Stream, engaging in fantasies of the world getting warmer.

We are now experiencing the 'Large Arctic Vortex' with a very cold Arctic.

We'll also be getting the 'Tight Vortex' which nasa ignored with their last balloon.  That's when we get new ozone holes, which nasa will also ignore.

Finally, you can see that the Equatorial Hot Air is shrinking to threads.

The threads should also be moving more south.

ps.  weather people are saying that cold in Canada's west is 'caused' by a persistent high pressure zone.  They stay away from what causes these.

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