Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hurricane Florence follows vestigial Gulf Stream

We have a strong prong of hot water and the hurricane is going right up it.  It is interesting physics how a hot water current can steer a storm, hurricane, or warm plume.  The Gulf Stream still shows on the current map, but the heat is in this prong.  The UK will soon feel the cold side of this, the GS moderated temperatures both high and low.

This is the current map, and it drives me nuts how the heat isn't tracking the flow.  Last year, they were coincident, and the storms and plumes would follow it.

ps.  It's very weird that the hurricane has dropped down 2 levels.  Must be colder water.

pps.  hurricane didn't even bump up at the GS.  Tends to confirm my thought there is no more heat energy there.

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