Monday, September 24, 2018

NASA sends a great balloon, sensors pointed up


It had Lidar and everything.  It could have pointed down and look for the carbon effect, or measure any greenhouse effects, but it didn't.  Why flog a dead horse?  No need for physics.

What sort of greenhouse and carbon effect would they have found?  Nothing!  Anyway, this is the sort of equipment necessary to look at these sorts of things, and they have never done a speck of experimental physics on this, because to do so would doom them.

The baby El Nino that might have given us some warmth is a still birth.  The warm waters are retreating.  They only measure these things by surface temperatures, but you need the full heat energy.

ps.  Honestly, if they were looking at upper turbulence, why not look at the whole thing?  The giant convection cells causing this.  Or look at a tight polar vortex.  So much physics is not available to them because of their past.

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