Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Lemon-aide for Air Conditioning, or 'Get l'aide'

I am a proud owner of a central air lemon.  As such, I can relive the 70's with a series of books trashing the entire industry, from manufacturing to installation.

But first, a bit of history.  We'll start with the 60's because the air conditioning industry is stuck in that era, when they invented Freon.  An appendix is included, citing all my articles.  Nobody writes books any more, there's no money in it.

I'm leaving this as an opening shot, since there is still a chance that somebody reads things, and I have started a whole series of ridiculous interactions for the blogs.


Air conditioning cartel in Toronto

-to be continued

Title and cover of Book


When life hands you a bowl of lemons -- Get l'aide!

ps.  next year I'll rip the whole system out.  This whole series gets me ready for 'fundme' or it will just worth all the fun.

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