Monday, September 17, 2018

Air conditioning cartel in Toronto

This is a sad story of paying for a new air conditioner and getting a lemon.  The installer was Apple Plus.

I loved these guys.  They installed my furnace, and I've always done maintenance with them.  When the old air conditioner went, there was no question who would install a new one.

First, a note on the air conditioning mess, brought on by nasa.  We had a very nice fluid called Freon.  It compressed at 100 psi, and opened at about 50.  But someone conjured a chemical reaction up in the thin air, and said Freon caused ozone holes.  When it was checked whether this reaction could take place near an ozone hole, nasa shut it down.  The reaction was impossible.

Enter the new fluids.  H410A.  This stuff condensed at 400 psi, and opened at 100 psi.  4 times the previous level.

The air conditioner installers have the license to install, but do they have any responsibilities?  This is what I intend to find out.  Can they install a leaky air conditioner and walk away?

Anyway, they went up to 400 psi with the exact same quality control as 100.  There was bound to be flaws in the brazing, but they do it the same old way.

I've started with Consumer Protection, and then I will go to licensing.  Should be a fun story.  Give those guys a call, if you want to.  ?)

In the meantime when you need a new h410a air conditioner, get a guarantee against flaws in workmanship.  The manufacturers carry nothing, and leave it all to the installer.  No wonder they are grumpy.

ps. They have an association and I left a message.

This is all 'very old economy' and they don't read emails.  This is going to be quite a battle. 

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