Sunday, September 2, 2018

The UK is now in for Labrador weather

I love the UK tabloids. The place is always in for something HORRENDOUS.  You can now see that the warm Atlantic air is not lifting much for the UK.  They will be getting Arctic air from now on.

They had a record hot summer because of stagnant air.  All the northern latitudes get this.  Normally, sea breezes from the Gulf Stream would moderate the weather for the UK.  Not any more.  Some of the warmies are preparing for this with their usual 'Global warming causes cooling' stories.  I hope the UK stocks up on ice salt.

We are enjoying stories that carbon warming is causing volatility in the weather.  That's really stretching things, since the 'greenhouse' is supposed to be uniform.  This is fun, but the stories can only end when global temps fall sufficiently.  Because there is no  physics, the drop has to be HORRENDOUS.

ps,  Here's when the GS worked. 2015

in 2015  the north pacific current worked

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