Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Public Action -- Get L'aide

Chapter 4 - Public Action

It is now clear that the next time you buy central air, you have a chance of being saddled with a lemon, as much chance as buying a Pinto in the 70's.  After the phoney warranty runs out, you have to pay for a complete replacement.

Facebook Anger

Everybody could get really upset and send death threats.  That worked for trumpypants, but I don't like it.


These are supposedly the big guys.  They seem to be going towards code for brazing, but that's not enough.  When you are feeling good on Cannabis Day, give them a note and say: "I wouldn't want to be  part of the Stone Age.  I'd rather learn Cobol and work on mainframes.'

Really, it's Depression City to enter their world.  My guy who worked a long time on my unit was depressed.  He was extra upset that they wouldn't just replace the whole thing.

Let them pick from a lower pool, like the Nuclear industry has to.  The pool where the best get to be United baggage handlers. 

Send Emails

No use.  All these guys have notes on their websites, created by the PR department:  "Send us an email and we'll have our abused female secretaries print it out, stuffed into our full inboxes, and we'll respond within a year or two"

-to be continued


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