Thursday, September 6, 2018

Global temperatures are chaotic and fractal


This is funny, because if the temps are chaotic and self-similar, then you can never separate out the human-caused component, if any.  That's because the temps act as earthquakes, so you get m3's and m9's.  Both long and short cycles.  There is no signal over this noise.

We're just coming off a long cycle of 20 years.  Yet, on top of that is the 300 year cycle.  The authors don't dare go into the massive implications. 

So, from the signal alone, as with earthquakes, you can't tell what is going on.  You have to get into the mechanism, and do separate measurements.  This is how you can tell with the Oklahoma earthquakes that they are induced.

All the measurements to tell if the temperatures are induced can be done, but nobody does them since they go against the cult.  The only way to bust the carbon-cult is to have a massive drop in global temps, which is what is happening now. 

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