Thursday, June 18, 2009

Plans to Juice Up Hamilton Reactor


Beware these plans to 'innocently' make the Mac Slowpoke into a commercial isotope machine. I once visited the place. It's right under everything! It's got the power of a light bulb, and is perfectly safe. Now, they want to juice it up. What are they doing for the $30 million? Putting in all highly-enriched fuel, and more safety systems to make it less likely to blow up.

Where is this great reactor? Right on the fling zone of the Hamilton fault! Can it take a high-PGV shock? Is anybody going to find out? Nope. They will use the seismic studies for a light bulb, and apply it to a Ferrari. I understand it to be a standard open bathtub design, and it will not appreciate having all the water thrown out. Only in this case, it won't be on the isolated shores of the Ottawa River.

This is the greatest threat to the maximum number of pregnant ladies of which I can conceive. Even horrible Pickering doesn't come close!

Let the unstable Maples be started before this! Who cares about Chalk River? They chose to live there!! :) My daughter is going to Mac for god's sake!

-the preceding was a rant about an unstable reactor from an unstable father...


Harold Asmis said...

#1 son graduates today in engineering. Big party! Won't be back till the hangover clears.

Harbles said...

Congrats to the Grad! Is this the African explorer one?

Interesting item in the Nat Post on testimony from AECL engineers before the Nat. Res. committee saying the Maples were only four months from solving their probs. Optimistic engineers? Not a good idea to be optimistic in that line of work but if they're right it certainly would be very embarrassing for Harper, Rait, Lunn , McDiarmid et al.