Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Toronto Strike - Kids Suffer


#2 son (Africa guy) is a lifeguard for the city. Naturally, during this horrible heat wave, the pools are closed. The kids suffer, maybe they'll get swine flu! Actually, we'll have this strike as long as nothing dramatic happens. If everybody suffers in silence, and is polite about their garbage. No throwing garbage at the strikers, no throwing it a McSquinty. No riots, no economic damage, no swine flu.

Naturally, a logical person might draw a conclusion from this phoney strike, but I'm not saying anything. They might conclude that the quicker things go to hell, the quicker it is over. Perhaps if everybody went on strike, it would be over tomorrow.


Harbles said...

Back at the 'major utility' did they have banking of sick days?

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, and I cashed them out! Income tax grabs most of it.