Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Foxes Mind the Ehealth Henhouse


I'm just following this because I have been so peripherally involved. The big crime here isn't the money, but that they didn't do anything! The word on the street is that nothing is getting done. It's like politicians building the next nuclear plant. Not going to happen!

Unfortunately, the act of getting something actually done is not Politically Perfect (PP). Messy compromises have to be made. Losers have to cry. Lots of backseat drivers get offended. The stupid law courts get involved in technical issues.

None of the Power Groups win with electronic records. It's like the Passport system trying to modernize. Everybody loses!

My current hypothesis is that we will never see anything work under the current conditions of PP Tyranny. One day, when we want things to work, we will have to open everything up and take away the power of the Politically Perfect Power People. (PPPP)

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