Thursday, June 11, 2009

Canada gives up doing anything intelligent


Well, I have been writing for some time that our self-similar organizations can no longer make anything work. Harper has finally closed the AECL sinkhole, but is everything getting closed? Is this our final doom? (as they would say in fantasy books).

We can't design cars, we can't build a nuclear plant, we can't dig a tunnel, and we can't dispose of radioactive waste. All these things will be closed once they are recognized as billion dollar sinkholes (after the billions, of course). Should somebody finally listen to me?

We are already one year into the Ontario Lost Decade. We have to rise up against self-similarity to stop this! I don't have to because I'm retired, but somebody has to!

Oh well, back to unloading that van....


Lorne Marr said...

Agreed, way too many sinkholes have been emerging lately and nobody really seems to care till the point where they realize it and "shut it down". It's a bit sad to see Canada suffering like this.

Take care, Lorne

Harold Asmis said...

Thanks, the first step to a cure is to realize you're sick.