Monday, June 8, 2009

Niagara TBM Rollin' Under the Sandstone

As of June 1st 2009

Tunnel is 4245 meters (13,927 feet) long
continuous roof line over-break of 1.4 metres
average 10 metres per day


This will be its happiest time, zooming along at max speed under the sandstone. Too bad it can't stay there forever! I wonder what the rock squeeze is like right under that roof? All depends on the adhesion of shale to the sandstone. Soon they'll be down to almost zero overbreak and 15 m a day!

Then the shit hits the fan.


Harbles said...

OOO this ad is for you.

Ok I'll bite what fan & fecal matter? More shale?

Also lots of fun with absent minded Resource minister's press secretary loosing stuff ... again. Very entertaining.

Harbles said...

The Google ads have picked up on the "Niagra" theme.


Harbles said...

Oh come on you have to have something to say about Canada getting out of the Medical Isotope production business.
He doesn't say when exactly but ...

Harold Asmis said...

The ads are now for compost toilets, which I think is appropriate for this blog.