Monday, June 1, 2009

Hold Your Nose and Complete Maples


Now that we have a fully compliant (IAEA) CNSC, why not finish the Maples?


Better than a clapped out research reactor
We really need a reliable commercial isotope supply
MDS needs the money


Slight chance for a kaboom
Reactors on soft soil in a hot seismic zone
Not a shred of seismic capacity

So, let the Russians come in and fix them. We'll handle the stability problem using the finest Russian 'fly by wire' electronics.


Harbles said...

Why not just build a new shiny NRU using the original design?
Is it the heavy water issue?
I did not know that it was the Mulroney govt. that 'privatized' the isotope marketing for AECL.
After hearing about the envelopes stuffed with money re: pasta machines and military hardware but nothing at all to do with Airbus I wonder.

Harbles said...


Adds like this(mechanical vibration testing) are an excellent fit to this blog. Mr Google is doing good.


I did not hear any thing from you on your outrage for the poor innocent goats being sacrificed at the altar of wind power.

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, ha! Maybe he got injected (with isotopes) under the table!

The NRU couldn't take a pinch of vibration testing. I don't think the glass maples could take much more. Far better to ship them to France!

You would think the stupid goats would just get used to the noise. It's just like living next the tracks.

Harbles said...

Kady 'Steel Thumbs' o'Malley has live blogged the emergency National Resources committee meeting on medical isotopes.

Rather remarkable how the 2007 outage was a life and death crisis and this predictable (you did) state of affairs is no big deal.
Much talk & little substance from those responsible in the govt.

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, the doctor whiners blew all their political capital on the early incident.