Friday, June 26, 2009

Geothermal Jigglies


For most geothermal energy, you live on the caprice of natural water flow systems. You don't get much out of it. But, if you can tap into the hotter, drier rock, you can really get out some juice! To do that, however, you have to inject water deep into stressed rock. And do we know what happens kiddies?

Yes, we get the earthquake jigglies. In Switzerland, they got a little M3.4. Big for that country, but nobody would notice it in California. But I think that water injection in this particular spot will produce much bigger earthquakes, probably an M5.0. Still, not very big for here.

Will be very interesting to follow this.

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Harbles said...

I wonder how you get liability insurance for a project like that? Any earthquakes that happen after the plant opens will be blamed on them whether it's their fault or not.