Friday, June 5, 2009

Toronto Pergola & Inukshuk

There it is, brand new! I have this nasty L on the side of the house, and it gets the sun like a solar furnace. As well, the water was all building up and getting into the basement. So, Phil did a great job (, and quite reasonable, plus I get to claim that tiny tax credit. Note Inukshuk creation by Phil! I ordered some shade cloth from the States. Man that stuff is impossible to get here! I'll put it over the pergola until my clematis takes.

So the water all slides off into the corner, and I get rid of nasty, organic, weed-infested Toronto grass!


Anonymous said...

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Harold Asmis said...

I just put up this great blue 70% shadecloth from American Nettings.

For Canada, you have to email and get connected with Ross (I think they only have 2 people, and I talked to them all). They live on the border way out in Washington and regularly visit Canada for shipping.

I got 2 packages of the blue 6x15 feet, and I bought 2 packages of clips. Looks great!