Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Money for Nanticoke Buddies


Yeah, my buddies will get money for the stupidest nuclear proposal I ever saw. They are terrified that it will actually get built, but I pooh-pooh the possibility. I hope they have fun with the money!


JimBobby said...

Whooee! First we hafta get the money. There are some high hoops to jump through and, from what I hear-tell, no single group gets more than $20k. Still, that's more than we been gettin' from nickel'n'dime donations.

It ain't just the anti-nukes who can apply fer funding, though. The unions and society of nuke engineers and anybuddy else can apply to get heard at the EA panel.

While you may be quite correct that the plant will not be built, it may not be due to failure to pass an EA. Almost every EA results in approval. Getting private investors to pony up $10 BN will be tough. Two weeks ago, Energy Minister Smitherman reiterated his previous statement that OPA has absolutely no intention of buying any energy generated at a new Nanticoke nuke plant. Ontario's got so much baseload now that we're paying to get rid of it. What investor would buy into a plant where you have to pay the customers to take the product?

In the meantime, the threat of a plant 6 KM from the fast growing resort community of Port Dover is starting to hamper economic growth. New residents are saying that if they'd been aware of an nuke plant proposal, they would have bought their retirement homes elsewhere. Longtime residents are saying that if the plant is built, they'll move out of the area.

Our Conservative MPP Toby Barrett has sent out surveys to each and every household in Haldimand and Norfolk three times over the past three year. His respondents are 76% opposed to a new nuke plant at Nanticoke. Toby's pretty good at reading public opinion. He's won by a huge margin in the past two elections. He's bumpin' heads with fellow Con, MP Diane Finley who not only thinks nuclear is a renewable form of energy but is backing the Nanticoke proposal as an opportunity to "export energy abroad." Abroad? What does she think they'll do? Put it in batteries and send it to China?

When that public funding $$ comes in, we will need to use some of it to hire experts willing to write their opinions in papers to go to the EA review panel. Interested? Email me, if so. An anti-Nanticoke nuke opinion from a pro-nuke guy like you could be quite useful.


Harold Asmis said...

Ha, no way! This is so bizarre, that I could never stop laughing at any hearings. No demand, no money, no water, no seismic standards, I stand totally amazed. I hope you have fun.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! Okay then, HaroldFeller. I reckon yer just gonna hafta make do on teh big bucks you get from me clickin' them G00g13 ads. Things is heatin' up 'round here, no two ways. I ain't sure how much fun it's gonna be but I'll be keepin' yer advice in mind.


Harbles said...

The BOD of Bruce power is an interesting list of the usual suspects.