Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ehealth LInks revealed


I was wondering how these people got their jobs. They learned everything about computers from their ipods! Turns out it was a very intense buddy network. (and I'm not saying anything about 'interns' here!)

As I have said a zillion times before, these guys always fail if it has something to do with basic physics, or the art of not pushing on a rope. In this case, they had to turn a computer on. I had a chance to be involved with an ehealth scheme, and I wanted all the patient records mixed up and encrypted. That way we had some 'defense in depth', and nobody could get a dump of 10,000 confidential health records. But, nooooo, they didn't understand that, and have opted for full clear-text flat files, protected by the password 'dog'.

But, thank goodness that isn't going ahead, because nothing is going ahead! The same guys can go off and build nuclear plants. :)

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