Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Update

That's my boring title. There is nothing in the news, so let's get on with the idle blab!

It has become generally accepted that the Rusty Bucket may never produce isotopes again. Although the isotopes are needed, they did not factor in the total economic externalities, such as the huge seismic risk, and the chance the bucket would just split spontaneously.

I'm so happy about my Niagara Rock Mechanics Experiment. Who'd thought they could get up to such speeds? The old tunnels skimmed under this roof and were smart enough not to crack it. Now I'm all pins and needles to see what that sandstone can do to the cutters. Whirlpool Sandstone was a great building material because of it's fracture toughness. It will fight the grinding disks!

Did you notice that all the other Ridiculous Things are very quiet right now? Must be the summer, or that the Plight of Lisa has got them scared sh*tless.

Haven't been to the cottage for all of this Arctic June. My tomato plants look like sticks!

Have been buying those solar lamps for the new patio. Holy Crap those things are crap! I think the Chinese are really cheaping out with this recession. I'm getting 20% defect rate on everything. I don't know how many times I've taken things back. I'm worn out and settling for one failure per pack. And they're all the same! (probably made by the same fraud artists).

Bought two new computers for the teens. First one was a monster game machine for Mr. Total War. Second was a very cute dorm machine for Miss Sims. This was an eeepc box with a radeon. It's very small and quite snappy and will do everything required in University. It's just not fast enough to do full time acceleration in Sims 3. BTW these new tiny boxes have no cdrom, which Mr. Sims hasn't figured out yet. I used a usb cdrom, and got a 'patch' which allows it to run Sims without a cd. Apparently a lot of people need this patch even if they have a cdrom, since it is a crap DRM thing.

If no news shows up, I'm going back and doing the series on rotational seismology. This should make Bob happy.


Harbles said...

Outside the box thinking attempt # ......
Run a specially configured fuel bundle containing U-235 targets to make mo-99 through a Candu every so often.

So crazy it might just work!!??1!

Harold Asmis said...

I don't think there are any spare neutrons in a candu. Maybe this new-fangled super-candu? :)