Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google Wave For Me


In my new imaginary nuclear waste company, located in Waterloo, and funded by the Basilly man himself, this is the new wave! The problem with companies now is that they are terrified of electronic communication, since it can be raised in court. We have gone back to the stone age with private political channels, and excessive verbalizing. Nothing can get done! Add in the union crap and the company goes straight to self-similar hell.

Turn this all around! Any communication can be used by lawyers to destroy bright people, so just make it all public! All archives will be in public space! You don't have any privacy in companies anyway. Do you think the lawyers will be able to go through all that shit?

I always found that when you were dealing with idiots was to go with information overload. "Oh yes sir, it's all there sir, three bags full, sir".

But I'm just talking about my nuclear repository company. We want to make it a place to take the kiddies! Shiny floors and a rock mechanics museum. Various fossil beds exposed! Deep seismic measurements! A neutrino lab thrown in! And every single bit of communication open (except income tax!). At least everything that could get into the hands of lawyers.

The alternative is what we are currently getting. Super-secret political backstabbing trying to dig something. Ha!


Harbles said...

A for profit company may have valid reasons to keep certain information proprietary. A great excuse.

Harold Asmis said...

But anything that can be attacked by hearings, grievances, trials, etc should be totally public! If you want to actually do anything. Soon anybody who keep things secret will be suspect!