Thursday, May 28, 2009

AECL Finally on the Block


My God, how many posts have I written about AECL being sold? And now they say it's official!

I'm pretty sure there was a big game of chicken between Ontario and the Feds. Ontario saying "We'll choose them if you throw in a few billion." and Harper saying "Choose them so we can make a few extra billion in the sale." Neither flinched.

Now, there won't be any nuclear plant in Ontario, so the Feds have given up. They'll be lucky to give it away! As I said before, they should give it to Areva, so they can ship the Maples to France. Since everything nuclear is a state secret over there, they can fire up the reactors no problem. We'll just ignore their little stability problem....

Can I write anything 'not nasty' about this? I think the country will be better off by releasing talent that was obviously tied up in a hopeless self-similar organization. And I hope I get more clicks than yesterday's big fat zero....

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