Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Keen Wind Blows


Yeah! Nothing better than an independent voice getting her revenge! "Isotopes? What isotopes?" is now the official government policy.

I just threw up that picture, because you can see those 50's buildings that couldn't be worse for seismic if you tried. Brick buildings without a speck of shear strength. Remember this picture!


Harbles said...

Ooo the "I got a cheque from the Govt." add is pretty vile (captures you so you cant go back).
I know not your fault.. It's all the Google Poobahs and their Hi-tech crappy customer service.

'K so the current govt has done nothing to fix the Chalk River, NRU de-commissioning (is there any other reasonable answer?), Isotope production requirement problem, any hope that the Igginator would see the light and take a rational course of action? In your humble opinion of course.

Harold Asmis said...


Keen was never any better than any other toady. It's just fun watching her weave her magic!

Harold Asmis said...

If you click on the bottom right, you can report a bad ad. I just reported and killed that ad.