Friday, May 15, 2009

Learn to Love the ACR-1000

There it is, in all it's imagined glory. I wrote a bit about it in my series on the contenders, but now we forget all the rest.

I'm going to dig further. I'm very interested in the fuel channel water flow, and the fueling machine. I know they didn't learn a thing from these disasters at Darlington, and I'm pretty sure they are jacking up the old specs to get the tremendous power densities (on footprint) that they are promising.

All these things are difficult to find because they haven't done anything! But now they have to. Of course the other thing will be seismic, but that one would be even more difficult to ferret out from public sources.


Harbles said...

But it looks so futuristic. And clean!

So if I understand correctly . . . there is no prototype for this design.
The last AECL installed reactor is in China and is a Candu 6.
Thw ARC-1000 is designed by the same team that brought us MAPLE.

We're Doomed!

Harold Asmis said...

Oh,you are such a gloomy puss!