Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nanticoke Nuclear Takes Off To Sing

Press release

And here I thought it would never happen. A nuclear plant without water, and on the main fault express rail tracks between the Hamilton and Cleveland earthquake hotspots.

This should be more fun than Bruce! How are they totally going to avoid geology? Can they do it? Do they find all those high-money, high-power guys to put the geology through the power wash? I wish I knew.

As it now stands on Canadian Hearing Idol:

Nuclear Waste in a Karst Zone

Nuclear Plant in a Swamp

Nuclear Plant of Undefined Specs on a Postage Stamp

Nuclear Plant on Frozen Lake Beside a Seismic Zone

Nuclear Plant on Active Rocky Mountain Front

Who will win? I'm looking forward to a good show.


JimBobby said...

Whooee! And here I kept believin' yer assurances that it would never happen. Like I been sayin', Bruce has got answers for everything. They may not be accurate or truthful answers but when has the nuke industry ever been truthful?

Do we start worryin' when the plant goes critical or do we have your OK to worry now?

I told you before they got answers about the water issue. They say they'll use a mechanical refrigeration system that'll sap 3% of the produced power. Seismic issues are dismissed easily. They just say they'll build the plant to withstand a magnitude 7.0 and that a 7.0 will never happen here.

Science won't stop this idiotic idea. There's only one thing that will stop it: public opposition. Your advice was to "enjoy the party." Following that advice will only encourage these morons and tell the world we are a "willing host community."

Greed trumps science every time, Harold. You're a scientist. Haven't you seen that before?


Harold Asmis said...

So sad. You're saying that I'm a total failure. I accept that, since I worked at the old company for 30 years. Yes, I have faith that something which is physically impossible cannot be done. But, as we know with the Niagara tunnel, they can make a good stab at it! :)

All those other Canadian Nuke Idol projects are physically impossible as well. The real show is to see how far they can go.

JimBobby said...

Aw, Harold, I don't figger yer a failure -- total or otherwise. I'm just gonna be careful about takin' yer advice. I heard it was impossible for GM to go bankrupt, too. The Titanic was unsinkable and nobody would ever be able to hijack an airplane or two and change the course of history.

When we decide that things (i.e. accidents) are impossible, we quit worrying about avoiding such things. If I accept that building a nuke plant in Nanticoke is impossible, I won't bother working against it. Iceberg ahead!


Harold Asmis said...

Ok, you go and have your little fight. :)

Do you have a picture of the protest sign? - Nanticoke No Nasty Nukes

JimBobby said...