Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life Comes Back to the Valley

Ok, as a homeowner I hate all this banning pesticides crap! The lawns are all being taken over by creeping charlie or catnip or something and the grass is going extinct. I'm starting to put in a lot more interlocking brick.

But, down in the valleys something interesting is happening. This spring the valleys were overrun with Garter Snakes. Some people may think this is bad, but they are feeding on something. In the previous 18 years I had rarely seen a snake, now they are all over the place.

Before, the little valley just had squirrels and urban birds. Now, I'm seeing ones I've never seen before, and I'll have to get out the book.

Now, listen to this video

Do you hear that beautiful sound? That has never, ever happened before. I'm pretty sure those are tree frogs, and I have some at the cottage.

Plus, there are all the foxes that play with Cindy, but we've had those before.

On the way back I saw a guy spraying 24-D on his lawn right in the open! He'll be shot! Now that the city bylaw enforcers aren't doing this any more, is it up to the provincial game wardens?


Harbles said...

Consider your lawn an experiment in horticulture. If you have neighbors consider it an experiment in sociology too.
The City of Kingston has this fine info on no-pesticide lawn care.
Or go all hippie and grow a no-mow lawn. That's where the neighbor part comes in.
I live in an apartment so yard work is not an issue for me.

Harold Asmis said...

I'll extend my wildflower section in the lawn, and every year it gets bigger and bigger.....

I love my tree frogs.

Harbles said...

Here!Go all scientific on the local fauna.
Also see if any Manitoba species sound familiar.

Harbles said...


I think U found Toads!Canadian Toad from nature North.

Harold Asmis said...

Oh well, toads are people too.