Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tired NRU is a Catastrophe


Here it comes! Remember you read it here first! I said the doctor whiners would come out shooting, and here they are. "This is a catastrophe for my income...er....patients!"

Why is it that they are so powerful that they want to defy physics, and demand that the government do the equivalent of pushing on a rope? Oh, we are going to have a pandemic! Let's cut money to the poor, and give it all to us!

I'm only jealous as an earthquake whiner (or winer, for me). Earthquake whiners never get any attention. Big Earthquake is Coming! Give me money! Ha, Ha. Does that get anywhere? The NRU will explode the moment an earthquake touches it! Who cares? The doctors win.

We earthquake whiners never win. We only get to say "I told you so!", and then people throw things at us. And so we raise a glass to doctor whiners, and watch them try to make pigs fly!

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