Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ehealth - The Rise of the Professional Scapegoat


I said before that self-similar organizations can't make anything work, and this goes especially for electronic health care. So what if you are well-connected and there's a job opening? You know it's doomed and soon you will be a scapegoat for expenses, consultants, non-tendered contracts, etc. What to do?

Live it up! Pile on the expenses! Treat your buddies! When you go, go with style!

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Harold Asmis said...

sheesh, that might have been nasty. But really it's a great job! I took a poll and we'd all do it! Take on all the sins, and happily roll away with your head. Then get another job!

The problem with Keen was that she didn't truly get into the spirit of the thing. And was shocked when she rolled! It's much healthier to be prepared! And who do they pick anyway? Do they have any qualifications?