Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stop the Coming Ontario Lost Decade

Oh, I've just got to write something hopeful! Since reality has failed me, this will be rather wacky.

Ontario is in danger of falling into a Japan-style lost decade (maybe add an 's' for Japan). That's when social mental depression and economic depression proceed in lock-step. Right now it's not looking good for Ontario, where the lawyers have destroyed everything, all infrastructure activity is in the hands of incompetent power-people, and people don't care. In fact, right now, the greenies are celebrating that we have descended so far, that in consequence we'll never need a new nuclear station. Soon, the other 'non-economic types' will be demanding more money for the new poor that get shaken out of the dying 'Standard of Living' tree. And higher taxes, and more poor, and ....

So, I've been watching all these Hollywood movies where the star is a guy with untreated mental depression. Nobody gives him a damn pill! No, he's got to snap himself out of it, which he does in the movie -- happy, happy! In real life, we need the pill.

Thus, I propose the pill for Ontario: My good buddy Jim Basilly should just say "Enough of this crap! I'm putting in a nuclear repository myself!" Think of the international brownie points we would earn by solving this problem! And it will be right in Cambridge-Waterloo! Perfect geology!

All those people making cars there will realize that they are in trouble if Ontario goes Japan. Basilly can bring them over by calling the new hockey team, the Ontario Nukes! He will fund a centre of "All-Round General Excellence" which will find all the bright people to put in an ultra-modern facility (I'll go to their parties!). Everything would be on blogs.

Billions would pour in from the rest of the world for our expertise and designs. We would laugh at the French and Americans! This anti-depression pill would pull us all back up into the world leagues, and we would prosper again. And one day Basilly would build a nuclear plant....


Harbles said...

So in addition to the world's most advanced high level nuclear waste management facility the Waterloo area will also produce the next generation battery that will make the electric car a practical reality for all.

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, it's perfect!

My nuclear facility will be so clean, dry and stable, you can eat off the floor! And you could sell it as a great bomb shelter from the coming nukey armygedding.